24TH Days of Open Systems
Croatian Linux Users’ Conference

31 MAY 2017 - 02 JUNE 2017

FER, Zagreb, Croatia

Owning Fortune 500 companies infrastructure with a no-brainer


Cloud computing permeates many aspects of our lives, and it’s going to be a big part of our future in both business and personal spheres. Not knowing // using best practices, can lead to significant loss of data and infrastructure. In this talk we will show what happens when some of the Fortune 500 companies decide best practices are not good enough for them.


Neven Vucinic

Neven is an AWS solutions architect, a sysadmin and a cloud enthusiast. In the past few years he has been working extensively with cloud, security and fintech concepts and technologies bringing him closer to his ultimate goal: serverless and (financially) efficient. Also, he is currently one of the organizers of the Zagreb AWS usergroup/meetups.


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